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Virginia Phone Numbers

Get a phone number that delivers your calls to any phone in the world.

Norfolk Numbers for Business or Personal Use

Norfolk toll free and local numbers keep your business in touch with customers and business partners in Norfolk. But they can also make calling easy for friends and relatives too. Whether it’s your parents in Richmond] or your cousin in Alexandria, with a convenient Norfolk number they’ll have no excuse not to call. And our voicemail will take a message for you, if you can’t answer.

Norfolk Numbers Deliver Calls to One or Many Locations

Now your business can have a Norfolk telephone number that can be directed to (ring-to) any phone in the world with no need for an office in Norfolk. Our easy-to-use call forwarding service will deliver your calls to any telephone in the US or in the world -- actually, any series of phones in the world. Or, have our voicemail system take a message whenever your offices are closed. With ‘Simultaneous’ ring-to, incoming calls to your Norfolk number can ring your main office, call center, and home office - at the same time. Whichever location answers first gets the call and the other phones stop ringing. Our ‘Sequential ring-to’ feature allows you to ring one phone (perhaps your call center), then the next and the next, until answered.

Using any web browser, you or your non-technical staff can instantly modify your ring-to numbers or add new virtual phone numbers in Norfolk. In just a few minutes, your new numbers will be active and forwarding calls.

Cities We Serve in Norfolk

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Our on-line monthly statements and real-time call records make managing your Norfolk phone bills easy. Each call from Norfolk will be displayed online the moment it is completed. Call time, date, caller’s phone number, call length and call cost are clearly displayed. Tracking expenses according to customer or client in Norfolk is easy.