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Vanity Numbers - Appearances Matter!

Should I Get Vanity Numbers For My Business?

Vanity numbers spell the name of a person, a business, a product or service. They can work to enhance your business's prestige and marketability, as well as to improve your branding strategy. Vanity numbers can be either local numbers or toll-free numbers and, like all phone numbers, can be directly associated with a specific line, or be routed to a predetermined number through a forwarding service.

Customers Remember Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are easier for customers to remember than an arbitrary collection of 10 digits, as is the case with a regular local number or toll-free numbers. This is especially true when they are not in a position to write a number down from an advertisement, like on the car radio or on a passing billboard. In many cases — such as with the famous example of 1-800-FLOWERS — vanity numbers can actually become the brand of a successful business.

Our Vanity Numbers Come Loaded with Features

Vanity numbers purchased through TollFreeForwarding.com can be forwarded to up to five different numbers at the same time. When a customer calls, all predetermined lines receive the call. As soon as one line is answered, the others stop ringing. Calls can be routed to mobile phones, landlines, office phones and private-branch exchange systems. Pick your vanity number online and enter your forwarding numbers. From there, you'll be up and running in three minutes! You can always access, change or add your forwarding numbers at any time.