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Get Local Phone Numbers in over 120 Countries Around the World

Operate Your Global Business Like It Is Local

Many companies today have presence and sales in several or many countries around the world. Trouble is, most of your operation is at headquarters (even if a small company) and that is in a different country.  Does that matter? While the internet and technology smooths-out borders and allows commerce anywhere, the reality is that your customers live and work in their country and want the comfort of dealing with what feels like a local supplier or provider.  Your phone number you offer them is the first clue to your locality. Offering them an in-country local phone number makes them feel your presence and they don't have to worry about dialing complicated international numbers or any cost.

But My Business Is Run From A Different Location

Enter TollFreeForwarding.com, your partner in achieving state of the art communication solutions that understand the value of local numbers and that your business needs several methods for handling incoming calls. With TollFreeForwarding.com you get to pick the local number(s) for each country from our extensive list and then you get to control how that number is forwarded to your actual business or your cell phone or both. In fact, the flexibility is amazing. You can have the number ring to several of your lines to distribute the workload, or have it call-thru sequentially a number of lines. In fact, you can have the target phones change automatically based on time of day which greatly helps businesses that serve across many time zones. And you control all of this thru our web portal...at any time, instantly.

How Complicated And Costly Is This?

At TollFreeForwarding, we understand how you want to run your business and how sensitive you are to costs. Thanx to the internet and our backend service, you will not buy any additional hardware, servers, or routers.  Nothing changes for you aside that now you have new numbers that you control the forwarding. Your existing phone lines (or PBX) and your existing cell phones all stay the same and can be target endpoints for any of the numbers you buy. The purchase plans are extremely affordable and you essentially pay for what you use (and it gets cheaper with more volume). So let’s get your business “locally represented” in all of your favorite countries!  Start now.