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How to Get a Phone Number for Global Business

Where to Get a Phone Number?

At Tollfreeforwarding.com, it’s easier than ever to get a phone number. We offer a free trial. With service in over 100 countries, just make your solution and you’ll be online and receiving calls inside of three minutes. Thanks to the international call forwarding feature available both inside and out of the US, you can forward your incoming calls to any existing phone, whether it be mobile, landline or even PBX. The settings are easily adjusted at any time via the user-friendly website. Perhaps most importantly, there are no contracts and you can cancel whenever you like.

More than Just a Number

If you get a phone number, its just the beginning. We offer an array of smart features such as real-time call logs, sequential or simultaneous rings to catch you on whichever phone is nearest, have fax or voicemails sent to your email, even set up call forwarding based on the time of day. At TollFreeForwarding, it only starts with a phone number. Your global market awaits.

Too Easy to Resist

Thousands of businesses have gotten a phone number through TollFreeForwarding. Since it only takes minutes to set up a number within any country, allowing those calls to be answered anywhere, on any phone for the same price, and there are no fees or contracts involved in the setup, it’s hard to see a reason not to get your number today.

The ease of purchase when signing up for a virtual number is only made easier with a free trial. With the best service on offer, we hope to help every business create opportunities on a global scale by way of an international number that won’t break the pocketbook in the process. Increase your ROI by reducing your communications overhead with an 800 number from the industry’s top service provider.