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Get Your Business Going in Costa Rica with Costa Rica Phone Numbers

Costa Rica has had a spectacular 2014 so far. The country reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup despite facing strong teams such as Italy, Uruguay and England. Costa Rica is also known for its environmentally friendly policies, and is competing to become the first carbon neutral country in the world. Your business can benefit greatly by establishing a presence in Costa Rica, and you can do that through TollFreeForwarding.com.

Costa Rica Phone Numbers Available Now

You don't need to set up a huge office in Costa Rica to be known in the country—setting up a Costa Rica phone number is easy and affordable with only a three-minute activation required. There are no setup fees or contracts required, and you don't need to purchase any new equipment to avail of TollFreeForwarding.com's industry-leading features.

Get Environmentally Friendly with Costa Rica Phone Numbers

The environmentally-friendly climate of Costa Rica will have you doing business and helping the environment at the same time. You can also avail of Costa Rica toll free numbers to facilitate customer service operations in the country. The country is also located in the same time zone as US Central Time, six hours behind GMT, so you don't need to work any night shifts to service your customers. Get your Costa Rica phone numbers today through TollFreeForwarding.com.