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Forward Calls From Your New Business Phone Numbers

Easy Forwarding with Business Phone Numbers

Businesses operating from several different locations frequently struggle with telecommunications coordination, often resulting in impeded workflow and frustrated customers. With an advanced call forwarding plan from TollFreeForwarding, however, it’s now possible to unite all of your business phone systems, making operating anything from a small business chain to a multinational corporation easier than ever before.

How Can Call Forwarding and Business Phone Numbers Work Together?

By using call forwarding and business phone numbers in collaboration, you can ensure that customers never have to endure long call wait times. With TollFreeForwarding’s sequential ringing feature, if an incoming call reaches a busy line, it will be automatically forwarded to the first available customer service agent. TollFreeForwarding also includes Follow The Sun call routing free with every business phone number. Follow The Sun routing allows your phone system to be programmed to recognize business closing hours. Incoming calls made after business hours are therefore forwarded to the next available open call center. In this way, businesses with offices in variant time zones can provide 24/7 customer service.

Go Global with Business Phone Numbers and Call Forwarding

With business phone numbers available in 100+ countries, it’s now possible to build a global business presence without actually relocating. With TollFreeForwarding’s virtual numbers, you can activate phone numbers all across the world, giving consumers the impression that your small business is a global enterprise. When dialed, virtual international business numbers forward to your regular business line, without alerting callers that they have been redirected. International calling is traditionally expensive, but with TollFreeForwarding you can receive a comprehensive advanced calling package for as low as $9/month.

If you want to try call forwarding before making a financial commitment, that’s fine too. With the TollFreeForwarding 30-day trial, you can activate your first business phone number in as few as three minutes, without it costing you a penny.