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A Toll Free Business Phone Number Delivers The World To You

What is a Toll Free Business Phone Number

A Toll Free Business Phone Number brings the world to your fingertips, giving your business a global presence without necessitating inconvenient international relocation. Toll free business phone numbers work by enabling long distance and international consumers to dial your business lines at no cost to them. This easy accessibility works as an affordable marketing tool, jumpstarting international sales revenue and rapidly increasing incoming phone traffic.

Affordable Business Communications

A Toll Free Business Phone Number can work flawlessly with your existing phone number, and plans start out as low as $9/month. With Toll Free Forwarding, you can start receiving calls from international customers in just three minutes through a 100% risk-free 30 day trial. Once your free trial is up, you can choose to continue service without ever signing a contract or incurring any hidden fees. Because Toll Free Forwarding Toll Free Business Phone Numbers operate virtually, you don’t even have to install any new telecommunications equipment, making international expansion a possibility even for small businesses.

Feature-Packed Service

With Toll Free Forwarding, your Toll Free Business Phone Number comes packed with smart calling features, designed to help you manage incoming call traffic for optimal customer service. All of these features can be managed easily and efficiently through your own customized online control center. To make your telecommunications management simpler than ever before, the online control center can be accessed from any computer, at any time.

Among the many smart calling features offered by Toll Free Forwarding is free Business PBX. Unlike traditional PBX service, Toll Free Forwarding PBX is virtually hosted, providing your business with unlimited lines and extensions, and enabling installation-free activation. In addition to streamlining your phone system, Business PBX can help to reduce dropped-call averages and improve customer satisfaction.

If you’re worried about providing international customers with optimal customer service, Toll Free Forwarding’s mobile call forwarding can help. Since many international customers call outside of normal business hours, forwarding calls from your business line to your mobile line can help to ensure that international callers always receive prompt service.